August 2020

Mike Hine
Neighbourhood Watch
Communications from Lincolnshire Police
Over recent months there has been very limited advice, guidance
or news issued from Lincolnshire Police to members of the public although
they have recently started to send out more.
Those of you who normally receive messages on Lincs alert will have noticed
that there have been very few postings recently. Although they say they are still
using this system it seems their use of it will now be scaled back and in due
course may cease altogether.
Like some other police forces, because they think they can reach more people they have now decided to post more information on either the Nextdoor or Facebook social messaging sites.They also place some news on the Lincolnshire Police website and also Grantham Police Facebook page.Officers in South Kesteven are already using Nextdoor and were the first in the county to
have this facility. It is now gradually being spread for use in other areas of theOften each site carries different information so to get a broader picture we now have to check several sites.Even for me this can be tedious and frustrating. Apparently they also use other platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter but I have no idea what gets on those as I personally do not use these. Unlike Lincs alert it seems we can no longer choose which geographic areas we receive messages from.
I still rely on Leicestershire Police for a lot of my crime prevention advice. Fortunately they still make extensive use of the Alert messaging and are so much better at communicating with members of the public.I will endeavour to collect what additional information and advice I can in this way and try to pass on the most relevant either on Nextdoor or to my email contacts but it can be time consuming so please don't expect too much. Those who are using either Nextdoor or Facebook can pick up what Lincolnshire Police post through those platforms or on any of the other sites mentioned above.
The following recent message gives more information about postings on Nextdoor
Lincolnshire Police - County Wide County Wide Account Admin
Connecting with public services on Nextdoor. You may have recently seen posts appearing from your local neighbourhood policing teams. As we gradually get ourselves set up on the platform you might like to learn more about how you can connect with public services on Nextdoor, and read more about what information we can/can't see by visiting:
with-your-public-agencies?language=en_GB Remember that as a public service we will never see your profile or content from your neighbourhood. We can only see our own posts and replies to those posts.