JUNE 2020

Although there have been very few reports from Lincolnshire Police, neighbouring forces in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire are regularly issuing reports and warnings about vehicle crimes.
These include :--
Thefts of catalytic converters(some taken in broad daylight and even from vehicles in front of people's homes). Guards can be fitted or security markings applied but unfortunately criminals with the right equipment can easily overcome these.
Vans broken into(sometimes causing considerable damage) to steal tools and equipment.If you can remove valuable items at night.
Theft of number plates - possibly for use on stolen vehicles and for use in other crimes such as burglary.
Theft of vehicles where keys are first stolen from the owner's house.Are yours well away from a door and out of sight or could they be easily snatched when you are not looking?
Theft of vehicles fitted with key-less technology where criminals use specialist technology to capture the signal from the key and relay it to a colleague to open the vehicle door.When not in use you can protect your keys in special pouches which block the signal.
Thefts from vehicles left unlocked!!!!!Lock it or lose it? It is wise to always lock up when leaving even for a few minutes and especially in busy areas and at night.It is worth double checking.
Please do not leave valuable property such as satnavs, wallets, laptops or phones in vehicles, even if they are out of sight.
It is difficult to guard against some of these threats, but the best policy is always to be vigilant and take steps to reduce the risk as much as possible.
If you do see anything that looks suspicious please contact police immediately on 101 or 999.If you don't tell them they won't know.
Mike Hine
Neighbourhood Watch
How safe is your vehicle?