August 2020

From The Rector
I think its a good thing that the restrictions are easing but its important that we do not
become complacent. The virus is still there and we need to manage our interaction
with it.
That sounds a pretty heavy way to begin a pastoral letter but our health and that of
the people arround us largely depends upon how our society behaves.
We have fought terrors before. I find myself thinking of the people in the VE and VJ
stories. Indeed my mother would recall living in London during the blitz. Hearing the
sound of what she called doodlebugs - the engine would go silent before it fell on the
city. Bomb shelters helped and emergency services cared for the injured and dying.
We are capable of defeating that which attacks us and threatens those we love and
care for. We will get topside of this virus. The challenge to us is to respect what the
virus can do and not to think that we are unaffected by it - a task made all the more
difficult because we can’t easily see it.
I think there are comparisons that can be made about other aspects of creation
and our humanity. We know that we have to make careful choices if all humanity is
to be respected. We need to own the values, the priorities that build loving caring
environments. I am reminded of the story of the good samaritan, which Jesus told to
answer the question ”who is my neighbour”. The answer of course is anyone in need!
I have seen some brilliant examples of people caring for one another.
Simple acts of kindness go a long way to helping us feel valued and supported. I look forward to all
the amenities in our villages becoming available once again.
Churches can now open for individual private prayer and for worship from the 4th July if we can satisfy the requirements that will help to keep us all safe. You may have read the arrangements for opening elswhere in the magazine. Personally, I am looking forward to celebrating Holy Communion once again in our church buildings and having a pint in one of our excellent pubs.
Do let me know of pastoral needs I will do my very best to help.
God bless you,
Canon Tony Tucker  01636 626899m 07968 814189
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