JUNE 2020

I am now quite proficient with Zoom meetings. I used to moan about social media but not anymore. As a group of churches we continue to gather via Zoom at 10.30 on Sunday mornings. People have joined from each of our villages, it has been great to see each other and catchup. The style of worship is based around a simple outline with bible readings, songs, prayer and a reflection.The music is sometimes downloaded or shared by someone who has prepared it earlier. Although we are clearly apart there is a strong sense of being together.
I have recently been made Rector of our group of parishes. The appointment has been made on a “house for duty” basis and since we live in our home on 4 Swallow Drive we receive a housing allowance. In due course the Rectory in Claypole will be let and so struggling diocesan finances will be helped. Being Rector and Rural Dean enables me to support ministry not only in our five communities but also in the other 26 parishes. I am very fortunate to have four Priests and some 50 Church Wardens and Lay Ministers working for us in in our Deanery of Loveden.
I was able to share in a governance meeting for our school in Claypole. It was fascinating to hear about plans for coping with returning to school. Of course, all through this pandemic the school has been operating, caring for the children of key workers and sending work to the children at home. I left the meeting with a strong sense of gratitude for the Staff and Governors of our school.
I am told that there will be no quick fix to the issues this pandemic brings. I have heard that three stages apply, the first described as suppression, the second co-existing with the virus and the third defeating it and living with the consequences. We are entering the second phase. We are going to need help from one another and an attitude which allows us to respect each other’s opinions.
Do let me know of pastoral needs I will do my very best to help.
God bless you,
Canon Tony Tucker  01636 626899m 07968 814189
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