August 2020

For more information and resources please visit  Claypole Benefice web site and Facebook.
Monday -     Stubton
Tuesday      Westborough
Wednesday Claypole
Thursday      Stubton
Friday          Dry Doddington
Saturday     Fenton
Sunday       Claypole
Claypole Benefice Churches
One of our churches is open every day 10am to 4pm for private prayer.
Social distancing and hygiene precautions are in place.
We hold an online service using Zoom at 10.30 each Sunday and you are very welcome to join us. Please get in touch with either the Rector or one of the Church Wardens to make the appropriate arrangements.  
We are also holding services in one of our churches every two weeks.
These short services commence at 6pm on the following dates:
2nd at Stubton, 16th Claypole and 30th (Communion) Westborough.
6th at Stubton and 20th (Communion) Claypole
If you are able to join us at one or more of the above opportunities you would be most welcome.