August 2020

Community Speedwatch - Volunteers are wanted to join the speedwatch team
for about an hour at a time to record vehicles. You will receive free training.The
council has recently purchased a radar speed gun so volunteers can use it at a
time that suits all.Please contact a councillor or the clerk for more information.
Village Improvements - The Parish Council has given grants for bulb planting,
re-staining Dry Doddington bus shelter and wild flower seeds. Improvements for
Dry Doddington village entrances will be on the next agenda. All suggestions
(and help!) are welcomed.
Rivers and Ditches - The Witham Internal Drainage Board has been thanked for
all the recent works in Westborough. The river around Westborough Church is
congested with weeds, reeds and invasive species (Himalayan Balsam) and
action has been requested from the Environment Agency and Lincs Rivers Trust.
Proposed Solar Farm at Foston - The Parish Council has asked to be
consulted regarding the proposed 92-hectare solar farm at Foston known as
Bypass Solar Farm. Their web site gives information regarding the proposal.
Mowing, Strimming, Planting, Pruning  -Well done to all the volunteers who
have spent many hours either mowing, strimming, planting and pruning in public
spaces. Your efforts have made for a much improved place to spend lockdown,
thank you very much from us all. Grass cutting in Dry Doddington will resume
when the contractor has caught up their backlog. As always, please contact the
clerk if you have expenses you wish to claim.
The next meeting is Thursday 8 October at 7.30pm. A decision will be made
in September as to where the meeting will be held.
Wendy McCallin,   Clerk   (tel: 01400 282001;email:
Westborough and Dry Doddington Parish Council News