August 2020

Dry Doddington Village Hall
The committee have been making decisions about how the Village Hall could operate through the coming months, without putting any of our hirers, users and village residents at risk. Our opinion is that at this moment in time, the risks associated with opening are too high.
Government guidelines are terribly unclear at the moment, as one might expect, with so many Village Halls working in different ways.
What is certain, is that the Risk Assessment we conducted, proved beyond any doubt that we are left with no choice but to continue as we are and leave the Village Hall closed. The committee agreed that we would not consider opening the Village Hall to hirers, users or for any types of events, until 1st of November 2020. We have agreed to review this in coming weeks along with any changes in Government policy and guidelines. If we feel confident that it is deemed safe any earlier than our dates could well be moved forward.
This means, of course,we miss out on our Summer Fete, which was so
successful last year but, as one might expect, nearly all our stalls and artists have cancelled for their own safety and well being.
It is such a shame but there will be better times ahead we are sure.
Peter Guest
Chair and on behalf of the Management and Trustee