March 2021

Like the song says - my sewing machine has been my best friend during the lockdown.  I’ve been a “sewist” since schooldays, off and on, more OFF until recently to be honest.  But, there’s only so much gardening, baking, cleaning, etc, a girl can do without going stir crazy, so I decided to get cracking on my lovely new Janome machine (used on TV’s Sewing Bee, of which I am a huge fan). 
Over the years I have accumulated cupboards, drawers and copious boxes, full of fabric.  Mostly too small to make large items, too expensive to throw out.  It started with patchwork cot quilts, bunting and infants’ clothes for family and friends, then a double bed size quilt!  I was already into making Luna Lapins (hand sewn rabbits – Google it) thanks to a workshop I attended before lockdown.  I sent one to my sister in Kent, who is isolating alone.  So, I like to think I am spreading a little happiness with my efforts during this awful period in our lives.
Now I am making decorative tote bags (under my label “Gladbags”) all original and exclusive of course, which I will sell locally and online. My dining room looks like an Asian sweat shop, and the table hasn’t seen a plate of food for yonks – quite a few cups of tea and coffee though.  I am so enjoying getting my creative juices going again.  Luckily there are plenty of online sources for lining, wadding, cottons etc, and more fabric when my own stock runs out, so no problem there.
Let’s hope life will return to normal before winter sets in!  I read recently that having a hobby prolongs life – so I’m keeping my fingers crossed – when not sewing!
Best wishes, and keep safe.
Jan Mount