August 2020

The Green Page
Erica Hine
WRAP (Waste and Resourses Action Programme) are a UK charity and their website has lots of ideas for reducing our impact on the environment. We all make an impact on our environment, whether that's here or on a distant shore that we will never see.
Here are a few facts about the effect we can have through the clothes we buy and wear
• Around 30% of clothing in wardrobes have not been worn for at least a year!
What's in your wardrobe?
• Are YOU adding to the estimated 350,000 tonnes of clothing that end up in the UK's landfill sites ( without even thinking about the amount that gets shipped to a far away shore )
• According to UN conference on trade and development the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. One of their most startling facts is that it takes around 7,500 litres of water to produce a single pair of jeans- the average person drinks that amount in 7 years!
• It's certainly not all bad news though, there are a lot of companies and producers out there responding to these headlines in a positive way and of course as consumers, it's us that are really the ones who can make the difference.
• You can always  Swish or swap.
• Or donate and buy at a charity shop.
• Updating, mending or accessorising your clothes can feel like you've bought a new item!
• Taking good care of clothes can help them last longer.
• Worn out items can go in a clothing & textile bank for recycling or repurpose them into something else!
• Seek out some “green” companies or one of the well known brands that are improving their environmental impact. There are a lot out there.
Here's a little challenge!
What is the oldest item of clothing you have that you still wear? (feel free to email
your editor)
I've had a particular pair of leggings for nearly 30 years and although I dyed them
a darker colour when the pattern started to fade, I still wear them and they are in
great condition. (Maybe a clue to their quality can be found on the label where
this is proudly printed-“MADE IN THE UK “)