JUNE 2020

The Green Page
Erica Hine
A few money saving ideas that happen to help the environment too!
Turn down your heating thermostat by just one degree.
Turn up your fridge just one degree, it doesn't need to operate below 2°C. Never put hot items in your fridge, this makes your fridge work very hard (and can bring it's temperature up to a dangerous level)
Empty toothpaste, suntan lotion or moisturiser tube? Are you sure it's empty? Carefully cut in half and you will be amazed how much is really left. Simply slide the halves back together to prevent product
from drying out.
Don't throw away used tooth brushes, they make great scrubbing brushes for all those hard to access areas on complicated kitchen appliances, round the taps, cleaning your bike or even the hard to reach parts on an engine. This might not save you much money but just stop and think about how many toothbrushes get thrown out each and every year. .. ..and they take a very, very long time to rot away.
Why buy a roll of plastic bags for your packed lunch, freezer, bread etc. when you are most probably throwing away a few dozen reusable plastic bags a month? That bread bag can hold your sandwiches,
try wrapping your slice of cake or flapjack in the waxy paper that your breakfast cereal came in, and that plastic bag those apples were packed in could easily be reused as a small bin liner or as a disposable glove.
How about a promise that from now on you will try to give all packaging a good look at to see if it can be re-purposed? 
When you order on line or buy a new product, could the box become under bed storage?
Can the children use those unusual shaped bits of packaging for a craft project?
Can you keep hold of some of the packaging to re use when you need to post something out, instead of buying new packaging?
The list really is endless. Please share your own ideas in next month's magazine by emailing the editor.
Talking of next month's magazine.... how about re- purposing this one when you've read it and saved the details you need? Remove the staples and tear it up for packaging, adding to your compost or
stuffing into empty kitchen paper rolls to make great fire lighters?. Of course you can also pop it in the grey bin.
“One person can't do everything
but every person can do something”