JUNE 2020

A letter from your Editor
I hope everyone manages to get a copy of this edition this month - I heard that some of you missed out last time. Please check with your friends to see if they get a copy.I’d hate to think my
cartoons fell on stony ground!Do you have any idea how long
it sometimes takes - often close to the deadline - to come up
with one? I sit there.... Think of something funny!Aaaarghhh...
As a hitherto active person pre-lockdown, I am finding it hard to
be labelled as vulnerable and told to stay at home.Normally,
I’d be out there helping out.I know I’m not the only person
rather irritated to be seen to be on the scrapheap because of my
I am exceedingly grateful for all the help I have received,
but am also embarrassed at being thought to need it.
But I have a distraction, as of the last couple of days... I have
“rescued” two cats.They are 7 years old and could no longer
be looked after by an elderly lady. Grantham ROCK were
concerned that they might be nervous and take a while to settle
in... but no such thing!The little blighters have taken over
already.“This bed ain’t big enough for the three of us” etc.
Back in the day I used to love basing cartoons on my Ginger, so
there may well be more cat cartoons to come.You gotta laugh!
I found a lovely quotation recently:
Art is the only way to run away without leaving home
-Twyla Tharp
So appropriate for this time!I know many of my art friends are
finding this apposite, and we share our efforts online each
week.Let me know how you are all amusing yourselves and we can put some ideas in the next edition
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01400 281206 before 10pm please