August 2020

A letter from your Editor
Hello - We have decided that it will be a permanent change to have an edition of this newsletter in August.
The reasons we didn’t publish in previous years have now been consigned to history and the march of technology.As so much starts fresh in September, it seems agood idea.Also, with this year’s coronavirus conditions, keeping us up to date is important. It’s such a shame that we are missing all our summer fetes this year.I always enjoyed the fun and games, even though I had to send a minion to fetch a Thaymar ice cream for me as I was on my stall in Westborough fete and couldn’t find time to queue up.(The minion is usually my No 1 nephew)
Those of you who know me quite well will remember that my motivation to exercise is pathetically weak!However, I have realised that if I take my proper camera and/or my sketching kit, then going for a walk around the village and particularly the banks of the River Witham, will encourage me to walk briskly to a suitable sketching point, and then enjoy doing the interesting bit! At home, I have to drown out my grumbles on the exercise
bike with loud rock music.Deep Purple anyone? And just so any young ones among you who have bothered to read this are doing the “OK
boomer” noise at me, may I say that I also play Rival Sons fortissimo too!
Keep well, everyone, and I hope we can come out of this before too long.
Thanks you so very much to all the kind people who have been helping and continue to help out all of us in need!
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01400 281206 before 10pm please