August 2020

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Cathy Clarke- clerk to Claypole PC
Claypole Parish Council News
Work on the new MUGA (multi use games area) has started and is expected to be completed  by September.Arrangements still need to be considered and evaluated regarding the booking, payment and access to this area scheme, work is continuing on providing the best system.It is hoped that the showers will be installed in the school changing rooms during the summer holidays and this will attract more users to our   excellent facilities.Already a senior football team has expressed its desire to return to  Claypole because of the facilities and will be playing on Sunday mornings.
The grass on the cricket square has taken well and will be ready for play in 2021.
The Covid 19 support network distributed Wimbledon themed treats to those who are
isolating, the treat consisted of strawberries, cream and Pimms in tins.They were well
received and were provided from a grant received from County Cllr Alexander Maughan.
The clerk and a councillor are to attend a training course remotely on managing the new
websites which are available to parish councils.The training should have been held in
March before the pandemic.
The application by Larkfleet Homes to build 78 dwellings off Doddington Lane is due to
be decided by SKDC on 22nd July, again this will have been a remote meeting. Councillor Freeman and District Councillor Wood are to speak at this meeting with the recommendation that it be refused. The outcome of this meeting will be circulated on the web site and facebook pages.
The traffic regulations order for School Lane and Rectory Lane is on going.A site visit
was held with some of the residents and a new amended scheme to the original has been
drawn up. This will be re-advertised for the consultation processto go ahead again.
Please contact the clerk if you would like any help or information on any parish related
matter during this unusual time.
In the meantime stay safe.
Important News regarding
Larkfleet Planning Application